Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Transformulas LipVolume & Eyelifting Gel ( photo heavy )

Hi there ladies, a while back i told you i was testing out Transformulas LipVolume & Eyelifting gel. I feel like it's time to tell you my thoughts and see what you think?

 The LipVolume comes in a cute little box which opens up to reveal the product. The LipVolume comes with a wand like a classic lip gloss containing 10ml of potion.

 Th instructions are to apply 3 times a day for the 1st 30 days then once a day after that. You can also use the product over lipstick.

 My lips before product was applied above:

 My lips 5 Min's after product was applied above:
This stuff does work and you can feel the tingling on your lips for a good 15 Min's which is a lot longer than other lip plumpers which i have tried.
I have to admit that i have not been able to apply this 3 times a day for the simple reason that i kept forgetting (ooops) but i am pleased with the results when i do use it. I also like the fact that my own lips turn a lovely raspberry pink colour when i wear this on its own.
Available from Transformulas RRP £25,50

Have you girls tried any or many of the lip plumper's that are around? I wish i was blessed with naturally pouty lips but unfortunately I'm not so any helping hand without going under the knife has to be a positive thing. 

Next up i trialed the Eye lifting Gel.

 Again this came in the cute box packaging which opens up to reveal the same wand like applicator as the LipVolume. Containing 10ml of product. This little Eye lifting gel has been described as 'Eyelift in a tube'

 Now to be fair, i don't think that I'm the best model for a product like this just for the simple fact that although I'm 35 i don't have many lines around my eyes. ( Not bragging just being honest ) What i can say though is the product is very light it's non irritating to my sensitive skin.
My eyes feel really hydrated and uplifted after using this gel for a few weeks and the few lines i did have seem to have plumped up and have become a lot finer. Also there is less puffiness so all in all a great result.

My eye today after a few weeks of using twice a day.
Product claims that the revolutionary semi permanent treatment came from a fear of needles and has been designed to soften fine lines, reduce expression lines, diminish under eye puffiness, cool, calm, and add radiance to the eye area.
Available from Transformulas RRP £25.50


  1. ohhhh i need the eye gel! you lucky thing not a one line!!! xxx

  2. great reviews! I'm always whining about how my lips are really small and thin so I'm gonna splash out and treat myself to the lip plumper. To be honest it's about 5 times more than I'd usually consider paying but I figure it'd be worth spending more to get a product that actually works! :)

    You dont have a single line or wrinkle in any of your pics so I reckon that eye lifting gel was wasted! :p but then they do say prevention is better than cure!

  3. Hey hun, i'm sure you will like it so go for it.
    As for not having a single line ha you are so sweet, i do have lines when i smile around my eyes and i do have a few lines on my forehead. I have used eyecreams, face creams and a high spf for as long as i can remember as i agree prevention is better than cure.
    I have to say though if i don't use an eye cream or gel even for 2 days i do see a massive difference. xx

  4. you're beutiful my dear. quite curious about this two products!

  5. Thanks for the lovely complement & i think they are two fasinating products. There are so many amazing products as the technology keeps getting better and better xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx