Monday, 15 November 2010

I believe in Angels.

Morning girls, brrrrr it's turned so cold here, i hate being cold. Luckily for me my other half got up early for work and made up the log fire in the lounge and popped the heating on so it was lovely and toasty when me & the kids surfaced.
All this cold weather has made me start to think about xmas. I haven't even started to get organised as I've been concentrating on getting bits and bobs for the house. My newest addition is a picture which i have had painted in the colours to fit in with my lounge. I adore it.

 The angel wings have lots of texture and glitter which is really hard to pick up on camera but it's really pretty.

Then i found these cushions which i think are cute and match perfectly. These were a bargain from ebay.

So from now until xmas i will be leaving the house and getting organised for xmas. I am thinking of getting a real tree this year and going for more traditional decorations. I don't really know where to start?

I remember as i child i loved to dress the xmas tree with my mum, i want my kids to have that same magical feeling with the twinkling fairy lights, snowmen, Santa's and tinsel.

Look how adorable this little Santa is. I am on a bit of a budget so will be scouring the shops and looking for ideas. Any blog recommendations for the festive period? What about you guys are you going traditional or modern?


  1. Try B&M Homestores, they have loads of Christmas decor on the cheap at the moment. Some (not unexpected) is quite cheap & nasty, but basic things like tinsel & fairy lights etc. can't go wrong!

  2. Thanks hun i will try there xx

  3. Maybe you could make some christmas decorations with your children? I always used to love doing that when I was little xx

  4. Hi Louisa, i have thought about doing that, i will be searching the net for easy things to make. Maybe some nice edible ones :)

  5. Angel painting is beautiful!!!!


  6. Love the painting and the cushions! Great colors scheme! And I'm pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas decorations. I also like to make decorations when I have time!

  7. That painting is beautiful.The colours are gorgeous.This year i will take my girls to a local park to collect pine cones so we can spray them with glitter.We will hang some on the tree and also place some in a vase. Hope this helps. xx

  8. ah thanyou my lovelies. Beautyby paula: Sounds like a fab idea xx

  9. Those angels are SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty! *_*

  10. Ooooh, nice colour scheme! Kind of unusual - Cant remember the last time I saw a living room that was decorated in red and cream or brown and cream shades!

    I'm definitely going for a traditional look! I'm seriously old-fashioned when it comes to Christmas and I only ever use red, green and gold decorations. It might be sorta dull but the colours are just so warm and cosy so it never fails to look pretty (even though most of my stuff is from Primark and B&M Bargains!)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx