Thursday, 18 November 2010

A few random buys and a Little LUSH

Just a few random buys this week :
Winterish clothes from H & M

I have decided i like grey so 1 long sleeved t shirt, 1 thin jumper and 1 cape should do for now.

Then i managed to get 2 foundation samples.
Mac Pro longwear & Laura Mercier moisturising foundation.

 I have wanting to try these two for so long and will be reviewing soon. Well i say soon as my 2 year old has decided that he likes my mac sample and has hid it. The search is on, it could literally be anywhere ha.

Then i popped into lush as i fancied a bit of pampering so i purchased some gorgeous bath goodies:

 Think Pink bath ballistic, Cinders Bath ballistic, Mrs Whppy Bath ballistic & Creamy Candy Bubble bar. I have not tried any of these before but each and everyone smell amazing.

 This is how i store my bath goodies. I always kept them hidden away in drawers in sealed packets but recently decided to put them out displayed on a wooden chopping board. That way i can just grab whatever i 
 fancy and it pretties up the bathroom. I will get through this little lot in about 2 weeks so they are not sitting around for ages.
Whenever i walk into my bathroom i get a lovely whiff of sweet smelling products.
Other products here are Parma violet sugar scrub cubes, Lemon cake butter melts, Strawberry and vanilla bath bomb and blackcurrant and vanilla body butter bar.
I love to buy bath and body products from these two amazing sites Lady Mucks & Bare & Beautiful

Ooh and the Blackcurrant and vanilla body butter bar from lady mucks costs just £2.99 and it is utterly gorgeous,  the fragrance is delicate but delicious and it is so moisturising. If you are looking for a little pick me up treat then this is for you. Has to be in my top 5 bath & body products.

Do you buy your bath & body products from anywhere special?


  1. I love Lady Mucks! I have one of the body butter bars, milk and honey or something similar? So luxurious. I love your new cape too :-)

  2. ooo lovely bath products you have there!xo

  3. This is a great idea! I generally keep all my gorgeous bathroom treats in a cupboard behind the bathroom door so you cant actually see them but yours look really pretty sitting out.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Laura Mercier foundation cos it's been on my wish list for a looong time but I have dozens of foundations to use up before I splash out on more :)

  4. Cheeky Beauty, rebecca white, Stylefrost. I've been after a cape for a while but was not 100% sure on them but it's so cold that i thought at least it will keep me snug, especially with the roll neck. I've just ordered some long fingerless gloves from ebay as well. xx

    All made up I have loads of foundations to use up too but i have been lusting after those two for a while now. Reviews coming V Soon xx

    PS I have found my MAC saple yaaay


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx