Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rocking leopard toes and a tiny spend

Afternoon everyone. I have not been able to show you any hauls recently because i have not been buying much at all. ( Saving all my pennies for xmas ) But yesterday i nipped into town and picked up 2 things.

The pink cow bath and shower stuff is on offer at just £2 in boots. I love the pink cow stuff. It smells adorable and it's paraben free. My favourite is vanilla biscuit but i fancied a change so thought I'd try out lemon cheesecake. ( review to come soon )
The bottles are so huge as well. I have about 3 bottles of other stuff to get through before i get on to this but who can resist a bargain?

Now these two lovely Nail Rock packs arrived in the post which i won in a comp so didn't actually cost me anything Yaaay. I've been wanting to try these after having my nails minxed before my holiday.
One pack contains a leopard print and the other a metalic gold.

 Then i used my boots points to get a tangle teezer which i have wanted for a while so again it didn't cost me anything. I'm loving how this feels so far.

If you have a feet phobia then read no further. I know feet are not the nicest things in the world but any type of nail covering works and lasts a hell of a lot better on feet than hands so thought i'd give it a try.

For a 1st attempt i am really pleased with the outcome. The test is how long they will last. As you know i am a bit of a leopard fan so a perfect choice for me.The process only took about 15 /20 mins which is not much longer than painting them. Also there is no waiting time to dry which is a bonus.
What do you think? Tacky or cool?

I couldn't resist adding a quick snap shot of my little man testing out the Tangle teezer. He gives it a big thumbs up too. xx


  1. The nail wraps look fab, is it a matte finish?

    I can't live without my tangle teezer its the only brush I can get through my hair, i've actually bought several as christmas presents for friends!

    The doll on fashion

  2. I love the Pink Cow coconut scrub. I must try more of their stuff, their products are such great value!

  3. Not tacky at all,i love leopard. They would be so beautiful in a pair of heels. Oh i want them now lol. xx

  4. LOVE leopard too! Love the toes!!!!!


  5. Lovely design!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i think that the nail thing is a really good idea!

  7. haha your son looks adorable <3
    and the leoprint.. what can i say.. gorgeous!

  8. Love the nails!! Aww your lil boy is so cute! I love pictures like that, my laptop is practically full of lovely memories of my nephew Alfie :)

    p.s I gave you an award on my blog :)


  9. Oh I'm not a big fan of feet (they freak me out) but your feet look fab, REALLY loving the leopard print.

    And your little fella is absolutely adorable :)

  10. Im so going to have to try that chessecake gel! :D Such a cute little boy! <3 xo

  11. Love the nail wraps! The leopard print is awesome! And the lemon cheesecake shower gel sounds tastey!

  12. Love the toes! Keep us updated how long it lasts! xx

  13. ahh! cute toes!! I love leopard prints.. lol

  14. I love the Pink Cow stuff! I got a coconut body scrub and I'm not kidding when I say it smelled so good it took all my willpower not to just eat it!

    The nails look awesome! looking at the packet I didn't expect such a small leopard print design - it's really cute and you did a fantastic job. I'd have been there all day and I'm sure it would still have looked all wonky

    The tangle teezer looks pretty good. Spotted it in boots a while back but the £10 price tag kinda put me off cos I absolutely love the brush I already use :)

  15. The nail warps look amazing! And no, not tacky at all!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx