Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Stila Swatches !

At last my empty palette arrived from Ebay which i purchased to house my Stila eyeshadows that i brought in the crazy sale from M & M direct when they were just £1 each :)

So heres how they look now.

Swatches Top Row

Swatches Bottom Row

The shadows were swatched on bare skin.
Quality wise some are gorgeous and some are a bit chalky still for £1 each im certainly not complaining.
I'm looking forward to using these a lot more now they are all nice and neat in a palette. Although the pans are a tiny bit loose as its not magnetised.
I couldnt justify spending a lot of money on another z palette when they fit in this one and it cost only £7.50 including postage.
I love my neutrals xx


  1. Champara and Sparkle ar emy favourites!

    By the way, is Stila going bankrupt? lol
    Their prices are insane!

  2. WOW! Do they fit properly? I haven't used mine yet because I can't find a palette :( xx

  3. Jezebel and Sparkle look so pretty! I didn't know M & M did make up as well x

  4. Wow..Very cheap and lucky you.. Once convert to Malaysian currency it cost about 4.90MYR..Expensive for single eyeshadow..

    The top row I like Sparkle and Batura, the bottom row I like Jezebel.. Gorgeous color..^_^..

  5. Such a bargain, i missed the train on that one and had a look when they had been priced up again. x

  6. Love Jezebel and Sparkle, hope you're going to blog with EOTD so we can see how gorgeous they look xx

  7. stila definitely has some good colors ... i should use mine more often!

  8. Thanks everyone xx

    Ashlie, there is the tiniest gap around the edges but as long as you dont want to travel about with it then its fine xx

    Jude i will of course do an EOTD especially for you, in fact ive not done one for a while so its the perfect oportunity xx

  9. Sparkle, Twig, Jezebel and Barefoot Contessa look great swatched on you. I'm still yet to open mine let alone swatch them, I just need to find a pan to store them in.

  10. Oh my God, I love Stila! 'Twig' is my favourite eyeshadow! Such a bargain! Love neutrals too :)

  11. I think Stila do such a good selection of shades beit in eyeshadow/lip products/TMs. Maybe it is because Jeanne Lobell is british
    ;-) Thanks for this and I too look forward to the EOTD Jan x

  12. Hey hun, I got £12 in the £1 Stila sale! ha!

    Could you email me a link to the seller for the palette if they have anymore? I was trying to find ones for my Stila pans but wasn't sure if they would fit?

    thanks xx

    nude.obsession@gmail.com x

  13. Sparkle looks gorgeous! Nice palette :)

  14. I just recently bought several Stila shadows (i'm going thru a shadow phase) and love some and others not so much. I find their constistancy to be so different from shadow to shadow. Sparkle is one of my fave though. So is kitten.

  15. great palette,love e shadows

  16. "Sparkle" looks like my kind of color ;)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx