Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fake Tan Fan !

I was searching through my stash of products when i noticed i was getting a little overrun with Tanning creams and pre tanning scrubs etc. I decided to put them all together and this is what happened:

Eeek have i become a tanaholic without realising it?

9 Body tans including Xen Tan, Sun-Believable, He-Shi, BeautyLab

6 Tan Maintainers, Face Tan, Moisturisers, Wash off Tan

4 Pre Tanning Body Scrubs

I will be testing out the BeautyLab Tan next week as its the only one out of these that hasn't been road tested yet.
I have reviewed most of these products but if you want to know anything about any of them just let me know.
I go through fazes of being tanned then being natural so my products do seem to last me a while. Saying that i need to start using them up as there are still so many tanning products which i am keen to try out. Including:
Xen Tan Perfect Blend
Rodial Brazilian Tan
St Tropez bronzing spray

Do you use fake tan? Any reccomendations that i should check out? xx


  1. At least you're addicted to the fake stuff, rather than the sun beds! :) xx

  2. Hi! I really love the cocobutter with the gradual tanning lotion. It never goes streaky or looks orange. And its very reasonable in price.xx

  3. have you tried the Vita Liberata?? i've only seen it on people, but it looks fab. am dying to try it out!! I also love Dior Bronze in natural, it is actually really natural looking cos it adapts to ur skin tone so u dont end up oompa loomnpaish xx

  4. Thanks ladies.
    Im not so keen on the gradual tanners just because i dont really have time to apply them that regularly although i do like the way a lot of them look.

    Jenny i havent tried the Vita Liberata but i have looked at it as the packaging looks quite enticing. Thanks for the reccomendation xx

  5. Thats so funny, I looked at all mine earlier I was shocked at the amount ive accumulated aswell!! I am sat here with a guide colour of sinless sun on for a blog post I'm doing Im so frigging dark I cant tell you hahaha!!! fingers crossed it washes off streak free, coz im getting a bit nervous! "/ xxx

  6. I never knew there was a St Moriz spray! I love my St Tropez though and the Dove Gradual Tanner is lovely too! The Dove one has that horrible biscuit-y, fake tan smell though! :(


  7. Wow - what a great collection! I currently have St Tropez Gradual, St Tropez Mousse, L'Oreal and a couple of others. I've heard good things about the Elle MacPherson one, so I shall be getting some next time I go to Boots. Great stash hun - you're all set for Summer (for the next 5 years!) ;) x

    Catherine x

  8. I have never had a successful experience with fake tan N. Never! The products are crap or else I'm crap :(

  9. I thought I had a lot of fake tans lol. The St Tropez Spray Tan is fab!! very natural and you can see where your spraying it without it being too dark.

  10. I've tried most of the big name tans but I would say my favourite is Xen tan because it smells really nice. I prefer to use St Tropez bronzing mousse on my face though as its slightly lighter.
    How does the St Moriz compare to Xen tan, St Tropez etc?

    One you may not have heard of but I would highly recommend is Siennasol. Its supposed to go in spray tan machines but it was actually just the same as the He-Shi express tan but cheaper. Its not not the faint hearted as it is DARK and good value for money.

  11. I love the He-Shi, it's the only one that seems to suit me ;)

  12. Wow lots of reccomendations from you girls thankyou. xx

    Carol An The St Moritz spray is no way near as good as the mousse its harder to apply and can go streaky if im not careful.
    Although i do like the St Morits mousse i find it wears quite patchy which i hate. I know the Xen Tan and St Tropez are more expensive but they are both a much better product xx

  13. OMG! And I thought I had too many! I bought the Xen Tan deep Luxe lotion after one of your reviews and I have to say I'm extremely happy! You're right, much better than any other I've tried but haven't tried that many either. The only thing is that it doesn't seem to last that much on me and specially in my face, I have to keep reapplying it. Congrats on how much your blog has grown!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx