Friday, 30 July 2010

Green eyed monster & carboot sales

Here is a look i wore at home the other day which i really like. I was dressed really comfy in jeans and a slouchy top so dressed it up with some bright looking eyes.
The two colours are clinique peacock which is a gorgeous greeny turquoise really stunning colour with a little mac deep blue green pigment. ( at least i think that's what its called lol )
I used a little pixie apoxy as a base which really makes the colours look vibrant

Sorry about the silly face

Big lashes not my favourite ones by a long way

I picked up this top at a car boot sale for £1.50 its from H & M. I always have to hide my bargains that i get from car boot sales from my husband because he thinks I'm mad for the way i love car boots and rummaging.
I don't care i love it. I think it stems back from being a kid and mum use to take me around the charity shops with her. We never had much money but she always looked so glam. I am definitely not a snob with these types of things lol
In fact the other day i couldn't believe it when i found a new smashbox primer (mini size) and a bare minerals skin rever upper. Both items were brand new , the skin rever upper was 30ml full size and i paid £1.50 for the two. Admittedly its rare i find things like that. I think even if i was a millionaire i would still do it.

 Do you enjoy car boots or would you not be seen dead at one??? I understand if you hate them most of my friends think i am mad but then they often ask me where i got something and are always gobsmacked if i say it came from a car boot or market. Anyway hope you are having a great day Yaaaaay its friday xx

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Surprise surprise Giveaway Closed


Hi there my lovely followers, i wanted to do a giveaway after reaching 100 followers  but wanted to do something a little different to the norm so after putting my thinking cap on i came up with idea of a surprise surprise giveaway.
This is how it works. I have put together some random prizes which i will be giving away 1 a week to my lovely followers. This way you have a much bigger chance of winning something.
Prizes can however be anything i choose some will be just fun little things some will be bigger gifts.
The surprise surprise is because you will have 1 surprise when you find out you have won and the second surprise will be when it arrives and you find out what the item is.
I will start the first surprise on Friday 6th august and it will run until i run out of surprises. 
Now the entry rules are easy
You must be a follower, you must add this to your side bar or blog.

Please leave a comment with your e mail address.
That's it simples !!!!!
If you win a prize you will still be entered in all the other weeks wins so its really pot luck .

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Storage ideas for my prettys

Hi there my lovelies, I thought i would show you a really cheap and easy way to store some of your jewelry items. I was at home trying to get ready and all my daily accessories were tucked away in my pretty chests that i got from TK max and i decided it just wasn't working. When i'm rushing about i need to be able to see at a glance what accesories i have . As i am on a no spend i tried to think what i could use and came up with this kitchen roll holder.
Yes the kitchen roll has been banished to a cuboard but most importantly my bangles, rings etc are now on display and easy to reach for.
The little spokes are ideal for my rings and stretchy bracelets
While i found an old jam jar which i put all my hair clips into and placed my butterfly hair clips around the top to pretty it up. I will also add a ribbon or something when i get a chance.

Then for my everyday earrings i found a little candle plate which i already had from ASDA which was only about 99p.
I added a few cupcake fragranced melts and added my earrings which means they are easy to locate when i'm in a rush.

This storage did not cost me anything and it also brightens up my room making it look more girly.
I could really do with another kitchen towel holder as i have more bangles etc but at least my everyday stuff is on display and i find it much easier to mix & match as i can see what i have at a glance.

Do you hide you pretty things away or do you display them like me?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cream-Gel review

This is the first product i tried from the eucerin brand. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample which was randomly sent to me in a swap from the USA. I used it for two nights with my usual cleanser and toner and on the third day i noticed my blemishes were reduced and the redness calmed down and my skin felt somehow clearer.
I then decided to buy a full sized product and have not looked back since. This moisturiser really helps to keep my skin under control. I get very few spots now and my blackheads have dramatically decreased as well. The texture is quite light and it leaves my skin very matte.
I use it twice a day sometimes and once a day when i am using something else at night. I cannot recommend this product highly enough if you have breakouts and need something to help control it.
I have recently got the other products in this range as well and i am introducing each one slowly and so far I'm having a great reaction to them.
The price is very reasonable for the quality of the products and i am so pleased i have found this cream.
I don't think it would be suitable for dry skins but oily/ combination/ spot prone it is ideal.
Boots sell it as well as some online retailers and if you read others reviews online you will see how high this product is rated.

On another note i just wanted to say THANKYOU so much to all my followers i am so happy to get to over 100. I will be doing a giveaway very soon.
As some of you know i have been on a no spend for the last 2 weeks and i have found it so hard. Today i was in town and found a lovely top in the sale, i picked it up and started to walk to the counter it was only £5.
But then i remembered my spending ban and had alarm bells ringing in my ears saying " step away from the top, step away from the top "
I cant tell you how hard it was to walk out that shop without buying it. But am proud of myself two weeks down 6 weeks to go.......

Monday, 26 July 2010


Hello my beauties, i just wanted to share a look i did today with some of my clinique products.

Products used are all Clinique
Dewy smooth anti aging makeup ( love the full coverage on this )
Gentle light powder glow 4
Airbrush concealer
True bronze bronzer ( contour )
Colour rub 01
Honey blush
touch tint nude sparkle
coffee shop eye duo
True black cream liner
High impact mascara
sheer shaper for lips sheer rose ( filled lips with this )
Full potential lipgloss peach plump

I was trying to choose my top 3 products from this look but its too hard but i do adore the cream liner it's a really jet black colour and it glides on so smoothly and lasts all day.

I also adore the foundation which gives full coverage with the smallest amount, the powder which is so light and gives a pretty sheen to the skin and the colour rub which gives the most beautiful glow.
Do you girls have any clinique makeup and if so what is your favourite?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

E.L.F Desert Haze Polish & TIPS for a yummy mummy

I recently got a few of the E.L.F nail polishes and am so pleased with the results of these. I adore this colour. For me this is the perfect taupe. I am quite olive skinned and some taupe's look a bit yucky on me but this is just gorgeous. I applied two thin coats which is ideal as i don't like to wait too long for them to dry. I have recently grown my own nails and so am having great fun trying out different polishes.

Now onto a different subject. Children. I often have people say to me they don't know how i have time to do my makeup, paint my nails etc when i have 2 children. The answer to that is cheat.
I think we all put so much pressure on ourselves as mums to be the perfect mum, to breast feed, to take the children to play group, to make home made dinner every night, to dress them perfectly, to be the perfect wife, friend, lover. To lose weight and be just as thin after children as before, to look gorgeous, full makeup tan etc all the time. Keep the house spotless, read bedtime stories every night and wear high heels all day.
No body can do all that and still be sane so i do what i can, when i can and that will do for me. The most important thing is to keep yourself happy and that will rub off onto your family. When i am miserable so is everyone else in my house.
I have days where i wear no makeup, old jeans and t shirt, greasy hair, hairy legs ( you get the picture )
I have days where the washing is so high i worry if it falls over there will be an earthquake.
I have days when KFC , crisps and chocolate are the only the only things i can think of for dinner ( those days are rare)
What i'm trying to say is i'm normal. I refuse to spend my time worrying that i'm not perfect.

But most of the time i love being being a mum and keeping myself looking nice keeps me happy. These are my tips for combining mummy & beauty:

1. Showers are a god send. Put toys in the bottom of the shower and put little ones in with you. I did this from the time my son could sit up. He loves it. The sooner they get a feel for water the better and you can have a nice shower that takes longer than 3 mins.

2. Face masks. Apply a face mask and then play being a dinosaur or a monster for 10 mins while it sets this keeps little ones amused and gives the mask time to set.

3. Save painting nails for when little ones are in bed and use a fast dry top coat just in case. I tuck little ones into bed then make a nice cuppa then sit down for 20mins paint my nails drink cuppa and really enjoy the peach and quiet.

4.Enjoy the sunshine. Get yourself a tan in the garden but keep little ones heads covered, and lots of high factor sun block in the shade.

5. Keep cosmetics, nail polish etc out of reach as much as possible to avoid multicoloured kids.

6. Give kids there own baby cream in small amounts they love putting it on themselves while you apply your own cream it keeps them busy and makes them nice and soft too.

7. Have at least 1 evening a week when kids are in bed to pamper yourself. Sod the ironing it will still be there tomorrow.

8. Set your alarm at least 30mins before kids usually get up if you want to look particularly nice that day. It's amazing how much you can get done in half hr without children.

9. Don't worry when you look a mess, your children will always think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

10. Always give tonnes and tonnes of kisses and cuddles. Children who feel loved and secure want less attention leaving you more time.

These are the things that work for me and while i am still learning i thought it might be a useful post to someone out there. xx

Saturday, 24 July 2010

How many products for a natural look ??? MAC face & body close ups

The above photo is of all the products i used today for a natural look ( crazy ) I wanted to go for a natural look with a pop of colour on the eyes. I have really been loving my MAC face & body foundation lately as i love how natural it looks even close up and have been pairing it with Clinique Gentle light powder which is another must have product for a beautiful sheer finish.
For the base i have used
MAC face & body foundation
YSL Touche eclate under eyes
CLINIQUE gentle light powder
CLINIQUE true bronze bronzer
Clinique colour rub nude lustre
EVERYDAY MINERALS vickis radiance
A neutral shimmery eye with a pop of green/blue liquid liner No7
Close up photos of the foundation, you can see my freckles slightly which are only just seen with no makeup.
I like the way the face & body blends so effortlessly into my skin and the clinique gentle light powder sets it without giving it a powdery look.
1 huge photo to show the foundation properly. I know my skin is not perfect but i just want to show you exactly how it looks. Flaws and all, well i am 35 lol.

Just for fun some rocco & mummy cuddle shots

Hope you are all having a great day xx

Friday, 23 July 2010

I won a giveaway Yaaaaaaay Heavy Photos Warning

Thankyou so much to girl in the city who has an amazing blog go check it out. I was over the moon to win these goodies and cant wait to use them. The lovely card and handwritten note was such a lovely touch and if you are wondering where the piggy sweets are ????? Rocco got to them before me lol.
Sweets before breakfast Mmmmmmm ( what a bad mummy )

They were too yummy so we had to share 1 or 2. Look at the evil eye he is giving me for pinching one.

Go away mum and let me eat them in peace.
Ahhhhhhh Get off me mum (  you get the picture )

Thanks again for the beautiful prizes and hope you all like the photos xx

Wise Words !!!

I read this today and thought it was really sweet.

Treat everyone with politeness,
Treat everyone with politeness,Even those who are rude to U.....Not because they are not nice,But bcoz u are nice....!!!

Brilliant !!!

What a lovely picture. xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The perfect spot concealer

Hi there ladies i just wanted to tell you about my favourite new spot concealer which comes in the form of the Dermo Purifyer cover stick from Eucerine.
I have been using this for the past few weeks and its been so brilliant that i don't know how i coped without it.
I recently got my hands on this product and was surprised at just how good it was. I have to say that i am starting to become a bit of a fan of the eucerin products because so far everything i have used from this brand seems to be brilliant.
  The only negative i can find is the fact that  they only make this in 1 shade and while it works well with my skin tone i don't think it will be suitable for everyone.
But saying that my best friend uses it too and she is several shades lighter than me and it works just as well for her. So???

I find the texture really creamy and it has great coverage with just one swipe and then i blend it slightly with my fingers. If i use it twice on a spot it really seems to make the spot go down and the redness starts to fade and usually by day 2 the spot is definitely on its way out.
I find the packaging great and the twist up pen is easy to use and handy to keep in my bag for touch ups. This is a definite must have for spot prone skin.
The price is a bargain at around the £10 mark as it will no doubt last and last as you only need a tiny amount each time.
I think the colour will blend well with most fair/medium or medium skin tones but its a shame you cant test it out before you buy it. I will add a swatch on my hand to give you a bit of an idea.
 The best thing about this product is 1 it works. It really covers spots well and 2. It treats them with salycilic acid to zap them away. Although i don't have a lot of spots anymore i can see me buying this product time & time again.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Benefit So Hooked On Carmella perfume

So ladies as most of you know i am on a no spend for 6 weeks. I'm still on the 1st week and so my trip into town was a little unusual to say the least. I purposely left my credit cards at home and just took enough cash for the food shopping. I always pop into boots as my friend works there and so today was no different.
I'm like a kid in a candy shop, the thought that i cant have anything makes me want to spend more ???
Anyway you will be pleased to know that i did not buy a thing however i did have a sneaky spray of this perfume from benefit and it is gorgeous, now i am always attracted to vanilla scents but this one is just delicious. I sprayed a little on my wrists then went for a look at some haircare , self torture.
and a lady even asked me what i was wearing and said i smelled beautiful.
I cant really describe it although i would say it is sweet but yet fresh smelling and warm.
This is what it says on the web site:
poem to describe Carmella...when it comes to carmella don't ask and don't tell, a light touch has admirers under her spell, her sweet sensuality no one would guess, so exquisite, enticing..."an intimate caress.".
Product details:
top notes: lemon, grapefruit, rhubarb
middle notes: cyclamen, peony, tiare flower
bottom notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber 
30ml  £29.50
The packaging is super cute too. They also have 2 other perfumes in this range but i didn't try them as i like to only try 1 at a time.
I will try and save my boots points for this little beauty.
Have you tried any of the benefit perfumes?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

PINK PINK to make the boys wink !!!

Just a random thought really about the colour pink. Now pink is without a doubt my favourite colour. I adore pink everything, from nails to lipstick to clothes.
Pink is my secret obsession. SECRET because i don't wear it nearly as much as i would like to. Probably for the fear of looking like 1. Mutton dressed as lamb. 2. An 80's throwback.
So do you love pink and if so what is your favourite pink item?

Mine at the moment is E.L.F nail polish in GUM PINK.  In my eyes it is the perfect shade of girly pink.
I am wearing it today, 2 coats of polish and 1 coat of sally hanson Teflon Tuff quick dry topcoat.
This has to be my favourite polish of the month.

Another favourite of mine is the bright pink lip. Sometimes i think can a pink ever be too bright?
But i think if you keep the rest of your makeup minimal then anything goes. I am wearing this random lancome lipstick which the name has rubbed off but it is about as bright as i can find.

Doesn't the gorgeous Rhianna look great with the hot pink lips.

Anyway hope you are all having a great week so far and i am getting really excited as i only need 5 more followers to reach 100. I will be doing a giveaway to say thankyou so watch this space. XXX

Monday, 19 July 2010

Money makes the world go around !!!! Or does it?

Hello again my fellow bloggers. This is a bit of a personal post about spending money.
I think it is a known fact amongst bloggers that once you get into the swing of blogging we all start to spend more Penny's.
I think the temptation of seeing so many lovely products on others pages plus the bargains i keep spotting and blog sales has made me get over giddy and now is the time i need to do something about it.
So i have decided to try and have a no spend for 6 weeks. ( Agggggggh )
Obviously i have to buy some things but no toiletries, makeup, clothes etc. I have wrote this post to try and encourage myself to stick to it although i know it will be very hard.
I have a big order coming from NEXT with some clothes for me & the kids which will not count as i ordered before today.
My plan of action is to go into town a lot less. Not to look at blog sales and make the most of all the lovely things i have at home instead.
Also i wondered do you ladies have a budget you stick to for products, clothes etc ? I think i might need to give myself a budget after the 6 weeks is up.
Wish me luck x
PS i have about £40 in vouchers which i have not used yet do you think these count ???

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I'm going Bananas !!!

OK so sorry about the cheesy title but i couldn't resist. I've recently fallen back in love with one of my oldest favourite products. Yes you've guessed it The Body Shop Banana Conditioner.
I was so so excited when i found out that the bodyshop had brought back the Banana Conditioner. Ok so its not exactly the same but as near as the original will ever get.
I just adore it. The smell is heavenly, a sweet, natural banana with a touch of vanilla is how i would describe it. As soon as i open the bottle and enhale it brings back floods of memories as it was the conditioner i wore most of my teenage life.
If i just use a small amount after my shampoo and then rinse it works pretty much like all conditioners leaving my hair pretty soft and a little bit shiny but for the best results  i like to use this as a treatment so i shampoo my hair and rinse then slap a big handful onto my hair and massage it in well. Then i wrap a nice warm towel around my head and leave it for about an hr. When i rinse it off my hair is so so soft and shiny and the scent lingers in my hair for ages.
The price is average at £3.99  and because i only use it about once a week it lasts pretty well.
I really hope that the body shop keep this as a permanent line as theres nothing quite like it in my opinion.
What are your favourites from the body shop ???

Saturday, 17 July 2010

OOTD Girly casual day

As the title suggests i just wanted to share my outfit of the day from a few days ago. I love shopping and walking about with my little one but its really hard to look girly without the maintenance of heels accessories etc and uncomfy outfits. This is a no go for me i need to be comfortable but i still want to look nice.
So i tried something different, i don't normally wear skirts except when I'm out in the evening but i felt really comfy in this and think its about time i started wearing more of the things i have in my wardrobe.
Do you think this outfit is too short for everyday? I 'm happy for honest answers ladies lol x

I tried to keep my makeup simple and girly and added a plain flower in my hair

Some natural looking falsies, you know how i love my fake lashes.

Just a close up of my nails China Glaze Wagon Trail. It looks messy in the photo but i thought it shows the colours well.

What do you wear when you want to be comfy but still look good?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Pump up the volume BIG SEXY HAIR Review

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play & Spray & Stay. My shocking limp fine hair.

STEP 1 Shake a little powder into hair concentrating on the roots. Slightly rub into hair

Volume galore i have never used anything like this be careful you only need a tiny bit its like magic dust .

STEP 2 Put hair into a high pony tail and scrunch ends up on top and pin. Add a headband (optional of course)

STEP 3 Spray a little Spray & Stay all over and tease the front out a little. Voila DONE.
Sexy looking hair made super easy.

I literally could not believe how much volume the powder play added and it was so easy to achieve this look. My hair stayed like this all day and i got quite a few compliments which was lovely.
My hair usually becomes limp within a few hrs of using products so i was not expecting anything different from this but honestly girlies i have found my new must have hair product.
By the way excuse the background photos of all the mess my 2 year old Rocco decided it would be fun to empty my bag and under bed storage while i was getting ready lol.
I cant wait to straighten my hair and then use the powder play i will take some more photos when i do to show you.
Big sexy hair is available through some independent salons and online at Or here
If you would like to read my review of the Big Sexy Hair dry shampoo see here