Thursday, 27 May 2010


Hello my lovely bloggers. I have been thinking about weather or not i can brave you all without my makeup. (Scary thought)
I never leave the house without makeup on, it's my barrier to life. No matter how bad I'm feeling or how rough i look i slap on some slap and instantly feel like i can face whatever the world throws at me. I have been this way for many many years. Some people say it's insecurity i just say my makeup makes me feel more confident and it's part of who i am.

But if i am going to be blogging then i feel like i need to let you all in a little bit so with this in mind i have decided i might as well start as i mean to go on. I think to see how good a product can be (or not) depends a lot on the canvas you are working on eg skin so here goes.

This is me just after my morning coffee.

Today i am testing out MAC C3 in Face & Body foundation. I am using my airbrush to spray it on. I don't usually airbrush my face i only use it for doing makeovers on other people but I'm just testing this foundation so thought it was a chance to show you girls how it looks.

This is the Mac Face & Body C3 on my hand. The texture is really runny and i know there is no way i could make it work without airbrushing it on.

This is me when i have just finished airbrushing the foundation on. As you can see it covers quite well but looks ultra shiney as it takes ages to dry.

Here i have added a little clinique cream blusher in rosey and i very tiny amount of clinique almost bronzer in light / medium and mascara. The foundation is dry now so it looks less shiny as well.


A little eye makeup (no falsies today as ran out of time) some lipgloss and I'm ready to face the world.

I am interested to know if other bloggers put photos on without makeup?
I hope you are all having a great day and please leave me a comment to make my day xx


  1. I do put my naked face on my blog specially when talking about skincare or foundation. But Its definitely more visible on my tutorial videos as I always start with my bare face.

  2. You look lovley without makeup :)
    I have once for a review of a foundation, but generally I would wear makeup. I'm more bothered about showing my bare face on here than I am in real life :/

  3. Ah thanks i think it helps to be able to see your skin before foundation etc and now i've done it once i dont think it would bother me again. x

  4. That's pretty cool (the airbrusher) ive never really seen one before :)

  5. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx