Sunday, 16 May 2010

sleek primer

So today i have been to my local carboot sale i love a good rummage around but didnt find any bargains. Still the sun was shining and i took the kids with me and they enjoyed it so on the way back i popped into superdrug and picked up the sleek velvet primer.
I have read lots of different reviews on this and so am excited to try it out myself. I have tried quite a few primers and not been overly impressed with many of them so am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. If you have tried the gosh primer i would love to know your thoughts xx


  1. Not tried it but I have heard some good things about it -- been contemplating getting it because I wanted to try the L'oreal studio primer but then I decided I wouldn't buy any more stuff from companies that do testing on animals. Gosh don't and I thought that was probably the more accessible product for me to have. Will be looking forward to your review ! x

  2. Thanks i have tried the l'oreal studio primer and although i found it good at first i found it a bit drying after a while so i'm hoping for a better result this time. Thanks for your imput xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx