Friday, 14 May 2010

Hello Everyone and welcome to the first blog i have ever created.
I love love love false eyelashes. This might have something to do with the fact that mine are naturally short and stubby.
I love all sorts of lashes. Corner lashes, individual lashes, strip lashes, extensions, natural to full on glam, sparkly and coloured. ( who would of thought you could get so many different types )
Anyway my question is can your lashes ever be too long? Do you girls like the natural look or like me think the bigger the better?
Now i just need someone to read this and i'm away.....


  1. Well here's your first reader girl! Welcome to the world of blogging ! How did you find your experience as a beginner on blogspot? I found it fairly easy although some of the settings a bit techie for me so I leave them alone (experience taught me that tweaking things that I don't know about ends up in a total mess !)

    Looking forward to reading more, especially about false lashes, as I totally clumsy with them and I need to learn fast how to use them because I have fallen in love with all the rainbowy colours and textures available and I am sure they'd look well cool on me :)

  2. hey lady, just stumbled upon your blog tonight, and am also following now too! :)

    I loooove false lashes but am useless at puting them on myself (any tips?)

    I'm actually about to try prolash8 on my blog this month, so come over for a wee peep if you like?

    a x



Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx