Thursday, 20 May 2010

Gosh Velvet Primer Review

Well i have only had this product for a few days but i am really loving it so far. I have tried quite a few primers ranging from cheap to expensive and only really been happy with one so i am quite picky as i expect a lot.
Now the price is reasonable (£13) as the product will last for ages.
The consistency is really good and although it feels thin it really slides effortlessly across my skin and goes a long way.
The packaging is nice and hygienic being in a pump tube and it makes it easy to distribute the right amount.
I find it really helps to minimise the look of my fine lines and pores and my foundation definitely seems to go on a lot more evenly and the best bit is no breakouts which was my main concern.
If my skin was better i would definitely be able to wear this as a base without the need for foundation and i could get away with wearing just this and a powder to even out my skin a little bit.
The velvet touch primer leaves my skin feeling silky smooth as soon as i apply it and seems to last all day. This product is a must have for anybody with fine lines, open pores or oiliness.

I was hoping to tell you all about my tanning experience with the St Moriz instant spray mist tonight, but my little boy Rocco who is only 2 was up most of the night being poorly last night bless him so i'm playing catch up now and i'm one girl who really needs her sleep. Thank you to my new readers and night night xx


  1. Ohhhhh good review, I have this too and its on my list to review. xxxxxx
    Ps you'r little boys look lovely xxxx

  2. Aw kids can be so hard work sometimes, but I bet when you look at those gorgeous boys you think it was worth all the bad nights :)

    Defo going to get this primer when I have finished my old ones, thanks for the review :) x

  3. Thank you for being my 100th follower! You've made my day :-D


  4. Thanks sprinkleofglitter and martiandelights i'm glad you liked the review and my little ones make me smile everytime i look at them. I am very lucky to have such lovely children.
    Lauren you are welcome i enjoy reading your blog it's great keep up the good work x


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