Saturday, 29 May 2010

Annie's Candles & Melts

Hello my fellow bloggers, today i want to tell you all about the amazing Annie who i recently found on the internet while searching for my love of fragrance tart melts.
I have tried many brands but since i have found Annie i have not looked elsewhere.

This is a one woman company who sells the most fabulous range of Tart melts, soaps, bath products, candles etc. Everything is handmade with love and care and beautifully packaged.
I want to show you my latest little order that i recieved a few weeks ago.
Everytime i recieve an order it feels like xmas as annie always adds little surprise samples to try out for free which lets me try out some more of her wonderful creations.
The above little fairy cakes i chose the scent buttercream for the cream ones and lemon chiffon for the pink.
I have displayed them in my kitchen and everytime i walk by i get a heavenly waft of sweet iced fairy buns and lemon drisled cake MMMMMM.

Next i have a packet of these adorable little ducks. I chose creme brule scent for these. Again i have displayed them as they are too nice to hide away in a cuboard, this time in my sons bathroom. Now out of all the scents i have tried this has to be the creme de la crem. It is outstandingly good, a true cream caramel you can almost taste it as it burns away. I also find the scents last a really long time compared to other tarts that i have tried. If you are going to order then this is a great one to try.

Also in my sons bathroom i found a home for free the froggy soap which my son adores.
The soap is fragranced with banana, strawberry and kiwi and are delightful for the kids.It contains a small rubber erasers which becomes free as you use the soap. What a brilliant idea. Now my 9 year old wants one as well.
The best bit about this soap is it's made from 100% pure vegetable based soapthem with added goats milk, coconut cream oil and olive oil to make it soft and gentle on young skins. The price is just £2.25 which is a bargain.

I will add a few photos of my little rocco enjoying his new things and will follow up with a part 2 of the other products. If you have not tried annies products before i highly recommend them. xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx