Saturday, 22 May 2010

St Moriz instant self tanning mist review

Now then where do i start with this. I love to look brown, i think it stems from being half Italian. My skin has natural yellow undertones or golden which sounds better, because of this when i don't have a tan i look a bit poorly so of course i try and fake it because I'm not a fan of sunbeds. Who would be knowing what serious damage they can do to your skin.

So i have tried so so many tans out there on the market and have been looking forward to trying this out because of all the reviews.
Saying that, nearly all the reviews i have found have been for the mousse formula so i thought I'd try this one so i could share the results with you.

I love the thought of an aerosol tan in a can because it is a lot lot quicker to apply and with it saying instant in the title assumed it would be coloured so you can see if you have missed anywhere which is a huge bonus.

So i started from the top working my way down including my face. The problem was the mist was a little too full on so you have to move quite fast otherwise it runs and although in theory it should be quicker it isn't because you need to rub it in evenly and then the waiting time for drying seems to take forever.

Unfortunately for me my little boy decided he wanted me to pick him up when my tan was not fully dry so i ended up with a few patches on my legs where he dug his feet into me.
But apart from that i am really really pleased with it. The colour is really deep and natural. A much better colour on me than st tropez.
I will however be trying the much talked about mousse formula next time.
I have found a website that sells it now for just £2.99. Postage is only £3.00 so if you were getting a few it would be a bargain.
Photo below is after tanning and i had no breakouts on my face either.
What do you think? Do you like the colour?


  1. gorgeous colour - girlie! I've never actually fake tanned before, but am going to do xen tan for the first time next weekend - any hints?

    a x


  2. ps lady, I've just nominated you for a blog award on my page ~ go see! :) x


  3. Ooooh thankyou so much for this i'm thrilled.

  4. As for hints on fake tan just exfoliate really well first then put some moisturiser on any dry areas eg knees, elbows and especially ankles. Apply starting from top working down and let dry properly before you get dressed. Wash hands really well then apply a tiny bit of tan to the back of 1 hand then rub back of hands together.
    Good luck x

  5. Great colour! Very natural. I love your necklace too.
    I just found your blog through Louise's (sprinkle of glitter) love it so far, keep it up. And your boys are adorable!

  6. Ah thanks jo, my tan is looking even better now the sun has been shining and i've managed to catch a few rays x


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