Thursday, 3 March 2011

Playing with BeautyUK ! (Photo heavy )

Last Week i was lucky enough to win a fantastic prize over at BeautyUK on Twitter . I was over the moon when my prize arrived as i never expected so many goodies.
Here's what was in my box:

To be honest although i had heard of BeautyUK I thought it was a brand for very young girls so i had overlooked the products in the past.
Now Ive been playing with some of the products and i have been pleasantly surprised. The prices are cheap as chips so i didn't expect a huge amount but i was wrong :) The eyeshadows have great pigmentation and the metallic sparks pencils make a brilliant eyeshadow base for starters. Here's a few looks:

 Buff on cheeks and Date night on lips

Soft Beige Nail Polish

Metallic Sparks pencil in purple

Eyeshadow collection 4

 Metallic Sparks pencil

 Metallic pencil as a base and as liner with the Eyeshadow collection 4


 Make up all BeautyUK

Have you tried any products from this brand?
The stand out products for me are the Eyeshadows and the metallic sparks pencils which i will be buying more of for sure. Thank you Beauty UK for my fabby prize I cant wait to try more looks with all my goodies xx


  1. I have the eyeshadow collection 4 palette and was surprised at how nice the shadows were... the metallic pencil look gorgeous :)

  2. Ohh I like the collection 4 palette *_* it looks really nice! How do you like the blushes? They look really pretty..

  3. wow!!great haul hun!!The blush looks so beautiful!!Have to check the eyeshadows too!!They look so pigmented!!

  4. Thanks ladies, the blushers are great too. My favourite is the buff that im wearing in the first photo and only £3.29 each. I love the look of the candy pink on the website xx

  5. I'm really impressed!
    I love the first photo- the colours are lovely :)
    You're very lucky to win all those ;)

  6. I used to work at internacionale a place that stocks beautyUK about 2yrs ago and I first discovered it then, I love the pallettes and nail polishes and need to try more, the glitter eyeliners used to fly out aswell they were soooo popular! xx

  7. you look amazing! I'm loving the looks you created xxx

  8. Oh i'm so jealous they all look fab. I haven't been to superdrug for quite a while and wanted to pick up the mascara,will def be getting more now.x

  9. Wow those blushers looks so gorgeous! I always seem to overlook BeautyUK but will definitely have a look at the line now! Everything looks lovely!


  10. I love the look of the Metallic Pencil.. really pretty! I've never been interested in Beauty UK before, bit of a boring name, but may check them out now. Thanks :) x

  11. I love Beauty UK - I have their natural palette and I use it every day. Great prices too :-) Congrats on your win! x

  12. this beige-nudish pink nail varnish looks amazing! especially for these cold winter days , i am definitely going to check it out ;)

  13. wow I should really try more Beauty UK stuff, I've only tried the eyeshadow palettes, which are fab, and after seeing this post I'm going to go get some other products from them, they all look great!

  14. Ooo the nail polishes look so pretty! Congratulations for winning! :)


  15. It's always nice to discover cheaper brands that perform well :-)
    The bronzer looks tempting! xx

  16. looks really interesting, the shadow colors look really pretty on you!^0^

  17. Ooooh I love the bronze eye look with the purple on the bottom! That purple pencil looks really pretty too.

  18. Thanks girls, i'm going to have a play with the other eyeshadow palette soon and try out the purples, blues and greys xx

  19. They look great, I would totally wear those eye colours too!!!
    Have yet to try this brand though(sth to think about)!
    Enjoy your prize doll! :)

  20. Wow, how lucky are you! That stuff looks fab! x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx