Saturday, 19 March 2011

Tell me a secret !

Victoria secrets is one of the shops that i adore but unfortunately living here in the UK means its rare that i get to purchase any of the range.
However i do have a few products that i brought when i was holidaying in Vegas and so thought i would show you what i have.

 Vanilla Lace Body Mist

Lemon Paradise Body Mist

Lemon Paradise Body Lotion

Berry Kiss & Love Spell Perfume Sprays

My favourite out of these is the Lemon Paradise which is sadly now discontinued :( Its a soft vanillary lemon fragrance which i just adore.

The love spell is a fresh and fruity fragrance with a hint of floral its really summery and the mini sizes are perfect to throw in my bag.

I love the huge collection of fragrances with the matching shower gels and moisturisers. All there products look so pretty not to mention all the gorgeous looking cosmetics.

Luckily my friend is going back to Vegas in a few weeks and has asked if i want anything bringing back. I  had a look on the website and Found a gorgeous looking lipstick. Ive never tried the lip products so not sure what the quality is like.

Love Me Wild Lipstick $14
I Love the packaging and Ive read that there is a shade called Heated which is very similar to MAC Jazzed which i missed out on earlier this year so i think I'm going to ask her for this.

Have you tried any Victoria Secrets products? I have serious envy of the American ladies who get the goodies so easily.
Any recommendations? Do you love the leopard packaging or do you think its Tacky ??


  1. I am so sad that Victoria's Secret isn't available in the UK. A little birdy told me that a London store is opening in 2012 though. Hurrah for VS in the UK!
    I spent my summer working in America and took full advantage of having access to a VS. I bought loads but Lucious Kisses is definitely my favourite. Still use the perfume now. xx

  2. I love Victoria's Secret, & Bath&Body Works body splashes! I've been using Amber Romance to death recently. Lemon Paradise sounds lovely :)

    I heard a while ago that they are going to open a store in London. Hopefully!

  3. Awesome packaging!And do not miss the lipstick!!I love Mac jazzed!!!


  4. Those products all look so pretty - love the lippy packaging. Hopefully it'll be crossing the pond to the UK soon (fingers crossed)! xx

  5. they all look so pretty.....

  6. I have Vanilla Lace Body Mist, it smells really good :) I wish we had VS here too, luckily they ship to Norway, but i would love to visit the store :)

  7. I love lemon scents and the sounds of the lemon body mist is lush..
    Oh bummer they discontinued it!? boo..

    There isnt a VS store here either and so I tend to visit their website now and then :)

    And that lippie is gorgeous! It will look so nice on you :D

  8. It's not a surprise you love Victoria's Secret bath and body stuff, it's made by the same people who make my favourite Bath & Body Works.

  9. I wish there was a Bath & Bodyworks and Victoria's Secret here. I've only ever tried ebay for a few of their products and loved them!

  10. I've never tried any and i dont really understand the hype? obviously i'm missing out on something!! lovely blog :) x

  11. VS has great body stuff. I'd love to try Lemon Paradise.

  12. VS has the best, most lovely-scented range of lotions and fragrances! I guess it is pretty hard to get hold of em here in the UK but I get mine from They tend to have them at some really great reduced prices as compared to other companies/sites and when I can't find a VS item on the site, I just email them and they get it for me within a week. Try them out.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx