Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Hair = New Products

Hello gorgeous girlie's, I recently coloured my hair with the John Freda Mousse and also had a few inches cut off as it was looking a bit bedraggled to say the least.
New hair = New products ( well any excuse )

I have a few new products that i have been using and might i say loving which i wanted to tell you about.
First on the list is the Sexy Hair Reinvent top coat:

The company states :
Designed to nourish, moisturise and restore hair to full-on glory this is the perfect way to repair naturally or chemically damaged hair, and rebuild, refresh and prolong colour. You can be confident of shiny hair results bursting with vitality and have the look you want and keep hair in great condition, too.

I find this an interesting concept as you use it after your conditioner as a separate step. 
Anything to help prolong colour is worth a shot right?
Well i really think this helps my hair. The product itself feels like a thick cream which smells lovely but quite subtle.
Ive been leaving it on for 2 minutes like the recommended time and rinsing out.

I do think its helped keep the colour looking fresh and its also making my hair nice and shiny. 
(Me likee)
I am planning on changing my colour to a more reddish tone soon and this will come in really handy as red fades so fast usually.
Ingredients include Coconut Extract, Rice Bran oil and Passionfruit oil.
Priced at £12.99 available from

I can really recommend this if you hair is coloured and looking a bit dull to help brighten it up or if you are planning on colouring your hair then this is great to use from day 1 to keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant.
I love the sexy hair products Ive not tried anything from the range that i haven't been impressed by.

PS Post coming soon on another hair product that i am loving at the moment.
Have you tried any of the sexy hair products and what is your must have hair product? I like to know these things so i can be nosey and check them out xx


  1. I've seen the Big Sexy products but I don't know if I have seen this one. I like it when my color is shiny. Makes my highlights so up more.

  2. You hair does look lovely and shiny, great review! I'm trying out the new kerastase balm for coloured hair, so far so good! x

  3. hey your hair looks lovely and this review.

  4. I've tried the big sexy hairspray and really liked it.

    My hair is a very similar colour to yours right now, love it!

  5. I love hair posts! Your hair looks healthy and shiny. Do you use this product every time you wash your hair or once a week?

  6. thanks ladies xx
    Essjay23x ive been using it every other time ive washed my hair hun xx

  7. your hair is looking really healthy love, lucky lady! :)

    oh, and your comment made me smile - funny how you end up thinking of folks on blogger in real life, huh? very sweet!

    a x

  8. your hair looks gorgeous, so healthy and shiney, i'm jealous! xx

  9. Love the colour! Red would really suit you - go for it! :) I'm trying to tone down the black in my hair so that come summer I can add a few highlights. I'm using Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm & I love it! You need to get it too ;) x

    Catherine x

  10. aww I love ur hair hun,looks very healthy&e colour is gr8

  11. I'm exactly the same - as soon as I've had my hair done, I'm on the lookout for new products. The irony is I tend to just have my roots done and the ends trimmed so its not like its any different!

    I'll be sure to check these out, I've often looked at the Sexy Hair range but never bought anything. Might just have to change that!



Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx