Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pampering at its finest with Eastthorpe Hall

 If theres one thing i love its a bit of pampering. Now don't get me wrong i don't live in a life of luxury but every now and then i treat myself to a chill out time at a beauty salon or better still a spa.
I have tried out quite a lot of different places but i have to say that the experience that topped all the others was my day at Eastthorpe Hall.

For those of you who haven't heard about this hidden gem of a spa then read on as you don't know what you are missing.

Eastthorpe Hall is a multi award winning Health and Beauty Spa, situated in a historic and beautiful building and grounds in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

 Founded in 1999, multi award winning Eastthorpe Hall became the first of it’s kind to provide an unsurpassed spa experience, in a “boutique” style environment that is unrivalled.

My spa day was a few years ago but it was so memorable that Even after all this time it was an unforgettable experience. From the moment you walk in you know its no ordinary spa. The building itself is stunningly beautiful and every tiny attention to detail makes the whole spa feel nurturing and zen like.

Take at look at some of the beautiful rooms:

The spa itself is relatively small compared to some Ive been to but that's what makes it so private and special. The staff that gave me my treatments were highly skilled and so friendly. ( Taking into account that I'm a qualified therapist myself so extra fussy )

The treatment menu is vast ranging from Chakra balancing & Reiki to HD brows and shellac pedicures. You can book for a quick treatment or better still spend a day of pure indulgence with packages to suit everyone. Check out the Special Offers for exceptional value.

Oooh yes i must tell you how amazing the food was as well. I know the spa conjures up images of lettuce leaves and beetroot juice but here the spa has an on site chef who was simply amazing. I can even remember the goats cheese tart which i had as it was so delicious as well as a tasty range of chicken, fish and vegetarian choices as well.

I think its so important as a busy mum to take time out for ourselves as when mum is happy so is everyone else.
Have you ever been to a spa and what is your favourite treatment ???


  1. Ooh HD brows and Shellac - this looks lovely!

    I like getting facials and mani's/pedis - I fancy a hot stone massage but can't say I'm a fan of getting a normal massage.

  2. Hi Lucy, i love the hot stones massage its a fabulous treatment. I feel like im walking on air after one lol.

    I fancy having the HD brows and shellac as well as ive not had either and they sound great. Thanks for your comment xx

  3. Wow this looks AMAZING!! I have been to a spa once and received some sort of tightening massage and wrap for loos or stretch marked skin. It was divine!! I think you have inspired me to look locally for another spa trip!!
    Laura xo

  4. Hi Laura, sounds lovely, ive not had that treatment done before, i usually have a massage and a facial and sometimes a pedicure. I love indian head massage as well. I cant wait till my next visit, im saving up so i can have lots done xx

  5. Ya I must def try some sort of head massage...can imagine falling asleep while getting it done though!!

  6. That looks amazing and it isn't too far from where I live, would love to try it out!

  7. Hi Atia, you will love it hun. Let me know if you get round to booking a visit i'd love to hear about any of the treatments you have xx

  8. That looks gorgeous! I've never been to a spa, I'm definitely missing out!

  9. Hi hun, i think its one of those things that if youve never been you dont really miss it but once youve tried it thats it you want to go again and again. Thanks for commenting lovely xx

  10. Oooh those photos are making me wanna go there... I might have to make do with somewhere local LOL. I love some pampering too :) I think us woman need to once it a while!

    I am excited to try the Shu base too! I'll hopefully be doing a review soon :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx