Saturday, 13 August 2011

Monochrome Nails & OOTD!

Happy Saturday! Well it is for me anyway. I am sat here tap tapping away at the computer and all around me is silence. My boys are staying with their grandparents for the night and as much as i adore my kids its great to have some time just for me :)

Tonight we are out with our friends for a meal which will no doubt be followed by a few cocktails. I am so excited to be able to get ready at leisure which anyone with children knows is a luxury in itself.

For the past hr or so i have been drinking coffee, lounging about, reading blogs and doing my nails. Ahhh heaven.

Monochrome Nails!

I went to meadow hall last night as i was lucky enough to win some gift vouchers from the ladies at niceneasy on twitter so i treated myself to a new bag and watch from River Island. I also picked up this long leopard top from Republic which i love.

The bag is so so soft i know i will use it all the time. They had it in other colours but you can't go wrong with black can you.

Make up is Liz Earle Skin Tint with Smashbox cream blusher, Mascara and lippy.

Hair was a blast of dry shampoo and not much else as I'm leaving it till later when i get spruced up for tonight. Hope you are all having a fab weekend xxx


  1. I'm having the exact same day, in fact my son has been on holiday with my parents for the past week so Ive had silence all week (and more coffee/blog time than ever) hehe! Your nails look amazing!Hope u have a fab night hun xxx

  2. Your nails look so cute :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. Love the nails and your rocker-chic outfit! Where is your watch from?

  4. Natalie its so strange isn't it! Thanks so much for your comment xx

    Christine thanks hun, i know they are a bit OTT but my outfit for tonight is quite plain so i thought it would jazz things up a bit xx

    Alex thanks lovely. The watch is from river island too. It was £25.
    I saw it on the website and new i had to have it. My usual everyday watch is silver so thought it would be a nice change xx

  5. I was thinking RAWR, but cat sounds don't really make sense for zebra print nails. At least the shirt saved me from looking like a complete fool! I think you look lovely! Enjoy your night out!

  6. Oh I'm super jealous of your silence! Daughter was at a sleepover last night but little man was up at 6am with croup :( - not good when mummy has hangover!

    Have a fabulous night - love your buys. River Island often seem to have lovely soft, slouchy bags.

    Nic X

  7. Love your nails! I wish River Island could ship to Canada!

  8. Love the watch and bracelet!

  9. They're like zebra nails, how fab! :)

  10. I have that bag too! It's lovely isn't it, i love that it has all the little pocket bits on the front, really handy for phone and lippies! I may have to dig it back out actually. Your nails look fab too!

  11. LOVE the nails so so so much! I'm really into white nails lately though (which is kinda weird).. I'm diggin' your studded bracelets as well ; D

  12. gorgeous nails :)
    & They go so well with the top - loving this whole look!! x

  13. how cute are these nails and these flip flops. oh nicoletta, i dare you to do a rock chic eye makeup look and a bit of a mohican going on type of thing. xx

  14. Thanks so much everyone xx

    Liloo: I will give it a go hunny :)xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx