Sunday, 14 August 2011

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara Review!

Ever since using my M2 Beaute eyelash growth products i have been obsessed with Mascara. I have quite a little collection going on in my search for the perfect lashes.
I thought I'd give a little review on the Maybelline Falsies Mascara which i purchased as a spur of the moment thing as it was on offer in ASDA for £6

The Falsies in Black Drama

The brush is very curved and it holds a lot of product. The first few times i used it meant it just applied way too thick and clogged up my lashes but i read the back and it says to apply with the brush held with the curve away from your lashes like in the photograph below.

I also need to scrape some off into the tube before applying but then it works like a dream. It seems to be one of those mascaras that works better as time goes on and i get use to the application.


1 Coat:

2 Coats:

I really really like this mascara. Its great for thick lashes it really volumizes as well as lengthens and it is a really Jet Dark black. It has one downside and that is if you try to add more coats once its dry it will flake.
This is not a problem for me as i just apply 2 coats to each eye separately and i never add more mascara in the day but i know some people do.
Have you tried this mascara yet?


  1. One of my favourite mascara's ever! Your lashes look gorgeous x

  2. I absolutely agree with you: it makes our eyelashes so long, that they look like wings=))

  3. I have this mascara, actually hated it at first but funnily enough now it is one of my favorites! so indecisive lately lol xx

  4. Yep, this is my current mascara! :) I like it a lot! I never use two coats of mascara though, i dont understand how people do that, it just clumps like crazy! :P

  5. Oh wow, your lashes look beautiful! I have this but haven't opened it I can't wait! X

  6. wow i see a massive difference!!! I want to try this but I can't stop being L'oreal Voluminous <3 xx

  7. This is my favourite drugstore mascara. :-)

  8. Hm, not bad, not bad at all ma cherie! I might be trying this soon. I like the pink packaging too ^-^

  9. This is one of my favorite mascara! Super inexpensive, works really well to lengthen and volumize, buuuuut it does flake like crazy on me!

  10. I adore this mascara - so volumising. but the worst bit is taking it off - takes me ages xx

  11. Your lashes look great in those pics, I have used this mascara before and really liked it too!

  12. I normally love Maybelline mascaras but just couldnt get on with this one at all :(

  13. Great review and photos! I've done a review for this mascara too, loved it :)


  14. this is my sister - zaina's favourite ever mascara, i still think volume clubbing is a little bit better hehe, but it does work wonders

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  15. Wow looks like this product has a lot of fans already. I'd not really heard much about it before so it was sort of a hidden treasure find for me.
    As always thanks for all your comments xx

  16. This is one of my favorite mascara! Super inexpensive, works really well to lengthen and voluminous, But it does flake like crazy on me!
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Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx