Monday, 22 August 2011

Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser !

Since i came back from my holidays i have been loving my tinted moisturisers. I have had a few people ask me to review this one by Caudalie which i picked up from TK Max a while ago.

Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser £15.30

This comes in 2 shades Fair/Medium or Dark

Blended swatches!

The first thing i have to say is if you are fair skinned i cannot imagine either of these shades working for you which is a shame as its a brilliant product but really needs a lighter colour as well.

The Dark shade is really dark as you can see from the swatch on my face below & perfect for those with a tan or natural olive complexions.

However once blended it looks like this:

 With some natural makeup added!

The Caudalie Tinted moisturiser is brilliant for enhancing a tan. You don't get any streaking or orange tones ( Providing you choose the right colour)
It looks so natural and really gives a gorgeous healthy glow to my skin. It feels ultra lightweight and not at all sticky.

Perfect for when you get back from a holiday and you want to enhance the colour a little bit but without adding bronzing powders etc.

There is little coverage so if you have any visible spots then concealer is a must with this and its great for sensitive skins as it's full of natural ingredients and free from toxins such as parabens etc.

This is the first product from the Caudalie range that i have tried and I'm really impressed. Has anyone else tried anything from this range?


  1. Lovely haul! :) The colour looks great on u :)

  2. Great colour for you - I'm a big fan of Caudalie!
    Nic x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx