Sunday, 4 March 2012

Running out of space!

Since starting Marshmallow Blends i have gradually been taking over the house with products, ingredients and packaging which i decided i needed to get into some kind of order.
So this weekend i have been getting organised and now i have a nice little space all for my Stock which means its so much easier for me to see exactly what i want or need to make up without routing through cupboards and boxes :)

I thought I'd show you a sneaky peak. 

Storage Unit from Ikea

Body Butters!

 Soaps & Cupcakes!

 Lip Butters & Massage Candles!

Sugar Scrub Cubes!

Bathbombs, Mini massage Bars & Gift Sets!

Bath Bombs!

Sugar Scrubs!

Its perfect for me right now. I can pop my new products on as i trial them as there is plenty of room and I've added all my tissue paper, boxes, ribbons, labels in this room too so everything is on hand.

 Plus i think it looks really pretty with it all on show. I'm still working on various new products so hopefully these shelves will be a little more full in a few months time. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and thanks for reading xx


  1. It all looks so gorgeous :D x

  2. Looks great hun, bet your house smells gorgeous x

  3. Thankyou it does smell lovely now in that room lol. X

  4. love that ikea storage! and the dream letters are really cute

  5. The storage looks great! I got my parcel yesterday and I can't wait to get stuck into eveything, it smells divine! xx

  6. Looks good! :) X

  7. Thanks Everyone, ive been packing up some parcels todays and its soooo much easier now everything is together :)xx

    Nadamegourmand: Thanks for your order and i hope you love what you purchased xx

  8. Everything looks so cute! And I like how you organized them!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx