Thursday, 1 March 2012

Brighter than your average Pink!

Just wanted to share my latest Bathbomb with you as i know you ladies appreciate a good bright pink when you see one :)

Marshmallow Blends Bubbling Bubblegum Bathbomb £2.75

These bath bombs turn the water a bright pink colour and add a  nice light layer of creamy bubbles which gives the water a lovely silky feel.

I've been requested by Rocco my 4 year old to make a Blue Bath Bomb so I'm debating on Blueberry Muffins or Blue Raspberry next! What do you think?

I'm also so so excited to have been featured today over at The Makeup Advice Forum with the most amazing write up about some of the products Here

Hope you are all having a lovely day xx


  1. Anything bright pink has gotta be a good thing. I think blue rasberry would smell gorge too x x

  2. lovely and congrats on e feature

  3. hiya
    just to let u no,i have restarted my blog.sabina xxx


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