Monday, 30 January 2012

Last Weeks Beauty Buzz!

Wow i am so behind on blogging so sorry ladies but life has just been so busy this last week or so. I thought id do a quick post just to tell you of all my beauty things that Ive been using last week and i will post properly about them as soon as i get a chance.

So firstly i got my Halo extensions for my hair. All i can say is OMG they are amazing. Why nobody has ever thought of the halo concept before is beyond me. The clear band is totally invisible and they are amazingly comfortable and secure to wear. They are my new best friend.

I have been really busy with the Marshmallow Blends products that i make. Last week was my busiest week so far on the website and I'm still creating lots of new ideas and recipes. This is my Pink Sugar Bath bomb which was made a couple of days ago. I knew id find the perfect use for my hand made pink sugar cubes :)

I tried and fell in love with the Korres  Rose Wood Blackcurrant Cyclamen fragrance. Just in times for valentines day. I don't often rave about perfumes but this is so unique and beautiful. Ive been wearing it daily, sometimes even twice a day which is unheard of for me.

I also Discovered the shade Grandma in the OCC lip tars. I created a FOTD using this which i will show you later in the week. Its a stunning coral, peachy red shade which will amazing with a tan.

Whilst rushing about in our local town this little beauty caught my eye on a little market stall so i had to pick it up. This nail polish cost just £2.99 from W7 and is a complete bargain, full of dazzle. I cant wait to try it but lack of time means my nails are bare at the moment :(

I have also got some gorgeous LUSH Valentines products to show you and i also received my glossy box today so its been an exciting week or so for me beauty wise. Sorry its short and sweet. Let me know what you would like to see more of first? xxx


  1. Oh my goodness, I didnt even notice they were extensions! I know nothing of this band! How do I not know. Is it very different? When I was on their website I didn't notice anything different. I must investigate again!


  2. Omg that nailvarnish looks gorgeous. Love the extensions too... im in need of some new ones so may give Halo a go. x x

  3. Oh wow, when i saw you pop up, i thought the length of your hair is lovely!!!!!

    im having another blog, with DIOR and MAC

  4. Your halo looks fabulous. All your concocting with Marshmallow Blends seems to suit you, you look so happy. Yay! Great to see a post from you x :))

  5. I'm seriously debating getting some Halo extensions for my wedding day. I shall have to see if I have the pennies nearer the time x

  6. Loove this post!

  7. The Korres perfume sounds gorgeous Nicoletta!
    I just got Grandma too - it's so cute.

    Nic x

  8. Love the lip shade, I've been using OCC Lip tars and love them! I have memento & trollop :)

    The korres perfume sounds nice, I was only looking the other day at their fragrances & liked the sound of Paeonia / Vanilla / Amber Pear Fragrance. x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx