Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Cake Maker! (Guest Post)

A little while ago i came across a Facebook Page that really caught my eye. Its no secret that i love the odd cupcake and Nylah's page had me drooling at every photo.
The thing i found particularly intriguing is the fact that Nylah's Cupcakes specialises in Low Fat Cupcakes. All that delicious flavour but less calories than your traditional Cupcake. Which is a brilliant idea.
So I asked Nylah if she would like to write a little post about a day in her world:

7 days to make a wedding cake with only “I like chocolate” to go on... GO! As a result of only having 7 days to do it in, it means I have free play on the design – YEAHY my favourite! (This was confirmed by the bride) However this also means I have to make the perfect three tiered wedding cake, with perfect decorations, for a bride who wants everything perfect for her perfect wedding day… IN 7 DAYS!!!!! 
Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited, BUT I have never done it before. Usually I have months to research, sketch, send emails and phone calls back and forth about the finer details of the cakes and cupcakes. Not this time. 

To break it down – I have 3 fair trade chocolate cakes to mix, bake, cool and slice in to two. Vanilla buttercream icing to make. Then layer each slice of cake with buttercream and strategically stack and cover in fondant. I have to think about, sketch and make the decorations. OH and put it all together, take pictures (of course) and deliver it for the bride and groom for their big special day.
This…with a 15 month old son who only wants to run around talk and scream to random objects in the house, touch things he should not be touching, scribble on stuff, throw things around and climb on to everything. Not to mention the fact that he managed to unscrew his highchair earlier last week.
5 days of full on work with 2 days to wait for things to cool and set later – this is what I came up with.

Luckily the bride and groom were pleased and had a brilliant wedding day. 

 Thanks so Much to Nylah for writing this post and you can see her yummy cakes over on her Facebook page here. Which includes some of my favourites that i have taken a shine too (Don't look if you are hungry girls)

Cupcake heaven :) 
P.S Sorry to all of those who are on a diet this January but i just couldn't resist xxx


  1. Those cakes look mega yummy!! xx

  2. Damn....now I am craving cupcakes!

  3. Thanks Nicoletta for letting me blog. And thank you Sadie and Beastandbeauty for your kind comments. X


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