Friday, 13 January 2012

Massage Candles Lurrrrrrve!

Yesterday i asked on twitter if people knew how to use a massage candle and was informed that a fair few of you didn't so i thought I'd write a little post about my massage candles and how to use them. 
After all Valentines will soon be here and what better time to try one?

I made both of these below but decided on the heart shaped tins because they are easier to pour because of the pointed tip.

Massage candles can be made out of various ingredients but mine are made from Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, soy, Sweet Almond oil and Apricot oil which is a stunning blend of natural oils with a small amount of Delicious fragrances added for a luxury finish.

Simply light the candle and leave to burn for around 10/ 15 minutes

Dim the lights (Much more flattering)

As the candle melts it creates a pool of warm melted oil. When you are ready just blow the candle out and pour the warm oil into your hands and massage away.

The oil doesn't get hot like wax as it melts at a much lower temperature and the oils leave your skin ultra soft, silky and smelling sweet. 

Today i made these White Chocolate Fragranced Massage Candles with Valentines day in mind. They smell Amazing

I also have the silver heart shaped tins available in Bakewell Tart or Buttered Pecan & Maple

If you are single and like the look of these then another great way to use them is to light one and relax in the bath for a while then use the warm oil that will have melted afterwards on your body.

Depending on how long you let each candle burn for you will on average get 4 massages out of each tin . Priced at £5.99 i think they are a bargain and will definitely put you in the mood for Lurrrrve.
Available at Marshmallow Blends or on my Facebook page here

Thanks for reading and I'd love to know your thoughts on these xx


  1. these look and sound lovely and the little tins are so cute!!!

    I've ordered some chocolatey bath bits from your shop, can't wait to get them!! xx

  2. ahhh I was going to ask about the temperature of the oil and if it gets hot like wax. Love the look of them and the scents sound wonderful x

  3. Hi Jade, thank you they are one of my favourite products and ive posted your Chocolate pots today :) Thanks again for your order xx

    Hi Nicole, i think a lot of people worry that they might burn themselves so you are not the only one but they never get really hot just lovely and warm :) xx

  4. Wow these look so yummy you are so clever hun! I will definitely be ordering some stuff as soon as I get over the xmas poorness hehe :)xxx

  5. Wish I had popped one of these on my order today, can't wait to receive my lip balms and body butter and will certainly order a candle on my next order xxxx

  6. One stone that kills two birds - I like this product already.'

  7. what a fabulous idea! I will consider ordering these down the road for sure- hopefully it isnt an arm and a leg for shipping to the u.s.

  8. I had no idea they existed and I want to make one myself now ASAP! I love essential oils. Thx for sharing x

  9. I love the idea of these, I would be lucky if my boyf would give me a massage but I like the idea of using them myself because they look really moisturising xx

  10. Such a cool idea. I've never heard of these before. Might have to check them out.

  11. Never heard of these before but they sound amazing. Just checked your website out, it looks so professional. I think, I'll be making an order this week :)

  12. Thanks so much everyone and im glad that ive let a few of you know about these as they really are a pampering treat and worth trying if only to see what all the fuss is about :)

  13. These sound amazing. Might treat myself and my boyfriend some of these as we're always going to the spa for massages. Will be nice to use these instead :) xx

  14. Hi Tamsin, they actually use massage candles in soon of the spas nowadays so I think they are becoming a little more well known. I think they are fun to use with a partner as they add a bit of a romantic atmosphere ;)

  15. These sound lovely hon... I didn't know difference oils could burn at lower temps and wondered about how massage candles could work without burning!
    Nic x

  16. Hi Nicoletta,

    I just found your blog online and i love it !
    Melodie xxx


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