Thursday, 26 January 2012

BM Beauty Lash Curling Mascara!

I love a good Mascara, my lashes are really short, stubby and fine so mascara is a must have product in my makeup routine. 

Recently i had the chance to try out the BM Beauty Lash Curling Mascara in Black and i wanted to show you the results.

The Mascara itself is infused with minerals and contains Beeswax, sunflower oil and vitamin E. 
I always like to know whats in my products and this one luckily contains lots of natural, good for you skin friendly stuff.
The wand is a nice size and slightly tapered towards the end. I found it easy to control and managed to get a good full coating without any smudging.

Scary photo of my eye with zero mascara

Eyes with 2 coats of BM Beauty Mascara

I did find it curled my lashes nicely and the curl did last well. I would use this mascara for daytime use as it didn't have much thickening action going on but it did dramatically darken the lashes as the colour is a true dark black and it did make my lashes appear longer. 
I am really impressed by the results on my lower lashes as it seems to have separated them and made them look a lot more defined.

Overall i like this mascara and lets be honest if it does this to my feeble lashes then I'm sure it will look fantastic on most people.

Priced at £12 and available directly from the BM Beauty Website here


  1. This does look quite good, the lashes are definately curled and it really adds a more subtle glamour to lashes rather than thick clumps like most lashes do xx :o)

  2. Looks really good on u hun,I love good mascaras as I don't like wearing falsies

  3. The product is definitely promising with the natural is essential to use very good quality products for the long lasting of your skin.Nice mascara.

  4. This looks really good. Your lashes look stunning. What i would love for you to do. Is a post about your eyebrows. How you style them, groom them, or even the history of them. Whether naturalyl you have very thick eyebrows or if you have had any struggles with them

    Im having a blog sale xx

  5. I like that it has beeswax and nourishing oils. Wonder if I can get it in Australia?

    I'm running an international beauty blog swap for Valentine's Day and i'd love for you to come on over and take part.

    M x

  6. Your lashes, even without mascara, do not look feeble at all. But the mascara looks good on. I bet the beewax is good for hair growth.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx