Monday, 4 July 2011

New Crown Makeup Brushes!

 Everyone knows that good makeup brushes make a huge difference to the way your makeup looks. I have to admit i  have become a bit lazy with my usual brushes and tend to reach for the exact same ones a lot so when i was sent these new brushes from Crown i was really excited to see what they would be like.

1st impressions: Lovely and soft, it did shed quite a few hairs on the 1st wash which i think is pretty normal. After that there was no shedding though.
This brush was totally different to use from my usual flat headed brush and so i thought i might find it a bit awkward.Hair Type Taklon.

Results: This brush is surprisingly easy to use. Because of the soft bristles it easily maneuvers around the nose and eye areas and blends foundation really well. It does seem to give a lighter more natural look rather than a full coverage but obviously you could build it up but great for sheer foundations, tinted moisturiser that type of thing.

I have included photos of the eye brushes placed on the eye so you can see the size in relation to my eyes. Hope this is helpful :)

1st Impressions: wow what a whopper! this brush is huge for an eye brush. It has soft bristles but it is extremely firm. There was no shedding at all with this brush. Hair Type Sable & Goat.

Results: This brush is amazing and unlike anything else i have in my collection. It is the perfect brush for creating a base layer or quick eyeshadow look. The firm bristles mean it picks up and holds a lot of colour which means i can just use one swipe over the eyes and I'm good to go.
I have used this everyday that i have worn eye shadows since i received this and am wondering how i managed without it. A real time saver and it packs on colour without the need for going back and forth to the palette. Great.

1st Impressions: Again the brush feels nice and soft but it is again quite firm. No hair loss even after the 1st wash. Hair Type Natural Italian Badger.

Results: This brush works really well on blending either the outer V shape or two colours together. I find it quite large compared to my other blending brushes but am finding it a lot easier to use the bigger brushes as you somehow don't need to work as hard to blend the colour. The slant of the brush is at a great angle so i found it easy to use.

1st Impressions: Very soft and again quite a large brush. The middle of the brush comes to a soft point and the hairs are not very tightly packed together. Made of Sable & Goat hair. No shedding.

Results: The perfect brush for creating a soft crease. I wouldn't use it for a cut crease or anything like that but it works amazingly well for a quick easy bit of added depth.
Again i don't have a similar brush in my collection as i find most crease brushes are really tightly packed which i then have to blend well to look good. This picks up less colour so blends like a dream.

Overall these brushes have seriously impressed me as have the prices. For some reason i thought Crown brushes were all very expensive but you can take all 4 brushes for less than £20.
The stand out brushes for me are the Jumbo Shadow brush and the Deluxe crease brush which i am thrilled to bits with.

I would love to try more brushes from Crown now I've had a little taster.
Check out the website and see for yourself they have so many gorgeous looking brushes its a makeup addicts dream.

Have you tried Crown brushes before and if so what do you think of them?


  1. Love the look of the jumbo shadow brush, I have a similar one I reach for on 'lazy days'. 2 sweeps of a neutral and a highlight and I'm on my way! I'd love to add to my brush collection, like you, I always reach for the same ones!

  2. I have been wanting to try these brushes for such a long time now. Think I just have to place an order right now ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  3. I have never tried them but they look good!

  4. I have never heard about Crown. But I really like the last two brushes. Maybe after reading your review, I'll buy them. :)

  5. I've always wanted to try this brand :)
    The specifics you have look very nice, ill have to get a few of my own very soon!

  6. All my brushes are Crown, I've had them about 6/7 months and I LOVE them! I have the studio range ones and they are so lovely to use, I probably won't use another brand again now!

  7. are they better than sigma? I've been thinking about getting a set of brushes too ^^

  8. I have heard of crown before but didn't know they were so cheap and they sound great will definatley have to check the site out, great review x

  9. The Jumbo Shadow Brush looks interesting, never seen something like that before!

  10. I gave you the best blog award. Please check it out :)

    Love Christine ♥

  11. Pretty brushes! You make me want some.

  12. The pointed crease brush and angled blender look cool, I don't have anything quite like them in my stash :)

  13. As always thanks so much for all your comments xx

    Thank you Christine for the award i will go and check it out xx

    Lina Kung i dont have any sigma eye brushes so i cant compare hun xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx