Sunday, 3 July 2011

June Favourites and Emptys!

I thought I'd do a little post of my favourite products for June to show you what I'm loving at the moment.


Xen-Tan Mist Intense. I havent reviewed this yet but its a beautiful colour that loads of people have commented on since I've been using it.

Xen Tanned up!

Next on my favourites is the Fushi really good cellulite oil. I have been using this for just a short time but love the stuff and am really enjoying using it. It smells gorgeous and although it's too early to see if there is any difference in my wobbly bits it has been a pleasure to use. Review coming soon

Then the Caudalie tinted moisturiser has been a life saver this last month. It is a dark colour which takes my natural skin tone up a couple of shades and makes me look really healthy and perfect for this warmer weather when I've enjoyed not wearing foundation. Again full review coming soon.

Estee Lauder Idealist cooling eye illuminator This has got to be the best product I've tried in a long time. It's amazing on dark circles it looks invisible but makes a huge difference and reduces puffiness in seconds. Again full review coming soon. All i can say is FANTASTIC.

Macadamia Hair Oil This is a multi function product that makes my hair shine like nothing else. It leaves hair soft, shiny and smelling gorgeous.

So they are my 5 picks for June. Notice the lack of makeup on today's post. I just thought I'd give makeup a back seat today and next month i will concentrate on makeup favourites.

Then we have the few empties that i have. I really am trying to use things up but not having much luck lol.
Burt's Bees Citrus & Ginger Body Wash & Anti blemish Toner

The body wash is lovely and refreshing but and to be honest the whole family have enjoyed using it. I'm not sure if i would buy it again as its a bit pricey for a body wash but lovely if you fancy a little treat.

The toner on the other hand is amazing and i will definitely repurchase. Great for keeping spots at bay and leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean.

Macadamia Shampoo & Moisturising rinse

I know these are mini sizes but i had to include them as they are gorgeous. They smell amazing and really leave my hair soft and shiny. Full review on these coming very soon too.

So as you can see lots and lots of reviews due very soon. Let me know if there is anything you cant wait to read about and i will do my best to get reviewing. If you have done a monthly favourites let me know i love these types of posts xx


  1. Looking forward to your full review of the Estee Lauder eye illuminator. It sounds like just the kinda thing I'm looking for.

  2. Hey!! Check out my June faves :

    BTW, i love you dress. I'm petite like you (5ft) and I've been dying to find the perfect maxi dress...


  3. Wow your Xen Tan looks so natural! I've never tried it before i'll have to give it a go.

    Here's my june faves :)

  4. Hey, i was wondering where did you get the hair oil from and roughly how much does it cost. You look beautiful in the dress, and i cant believe that the tan looks so good on you. im naturally fair and anything tan like, makes me look terrible.
    Im having a blog sale, check it out if you wish.


  5. Great favorites! I love that Burt's Bees cleanser.

  6. Thanks for your replies ladies i will be checking out your favourites too.

    Kellie i got the oil as part of a travel set which i will show you in a review this week. The set costs £29.99 but i know you can buy the oil seperately xx

  7. I really want to try those Macadamia products, they look great ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  8. Fab favourites :) Burt's Bees I love, guna give the body wash a try :).

    Check out my June favourites/blog too:

  9. Can't wait for the review on the Fushi oil. I'm interested in trying the Macadamia hair products, I think I may check them out. Nice post!

  10. I am having a Xen tan spray tomorrow. I have heard rave reviews about this xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx