Friday, 11 May 2012

Think Pink !

Just a little post which i couldn't miss out on. As most of you know i whole heartily support the Cancer Charities and all the amazing work that they do. I was really pleased to hear that the company Beauty UK have released a set of Nail Polishes in conjunction with one of their on line fans who suggested the collaboration to raise money for the Breast Cancer Charity after she saw her own Mum battle with the illness & her mum also still wanted her nails to look pretty. 

Any way we can help these types of Charities has to be a good thing and I'm really pleased to see a brand helping such a good cause.

So on with the pretty things: Aptly named Hope, Love & Strength

The trio costs just £5.99 and Beauty UK will donate £1 of that directly to the charity with the hope to raise £50'000 over the next year.

I will definitely be purchasing a set for myself. A feel good treat for yourself with the added bonus on knowing you are helping others too. xx


  1. these are gorgeous colours and for such a good cause :)

  2. very pretty pinks love them for mommys day

  3. The colours are amazing, and it goes to a great cause! Defo going to check this out! :) x

  4. Very sweet post, I'd definitely purchase!



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