Saturday, 26 November 2011

Orly Birds Of A Feather Collection!

Lately i have been going au natural on my nails because they were so short that i just didnt want to draw attention to them but luckily for me they are now back to a decent length and i have been dying to try out some new vivid colours.
Orly's Autumn/Winter collection Birds Of A Feather fits the bill perfectly with its gorgeous array of Irridesent and strong shades which were inspired by the colours and tones of birds such as the peacock.

Sweet Peacock is a stunning glisening blue shade which catches the light beautifully.

Sweet Peacock     Lucky Duck       Peachy Parrot         Nite Owl             Sea Gurl          Fowl Play

For me the stand out shade has to be Fowl Play. It is a multidimentional colour that has chunks of glitter and is beyond gorgeous, take a look:

3 Coats gives a full coverage and dense glitter effect!

Another great wear to wear these is to try layering as i did here with the first swatch. 
1 Coat of Sweet Peacock & 2 Coats of Fowl Play. I love the effect and this is the combination i will be wearing the most.

Available from Beautybay  priced at just £6.95 i think these are a complete bargain.
Orly have seriously come up trumps with this collection. Have you tried any of the shades yet?


  1. I love the fowl play and sweet peacock, they're lovely

  2. I love the combination of layering the two.

  3. I really want Fowl Play, and that layering looks beautiful. On a shopping ban.... oh dear!

  4. Love all 3 colours!

    Holli x

  5. Really like the layered looks, gorgeous colours xx

  6. Your nails don't look short at all. They look nice and lovely. The peacock is a great color. So pretty.

  7. i love this collection and am the proud owner of them ALL haha can you say addicted xx

  8. Thanks girls, ive had a lot of comments this week on my nails so these colours seem to be a hit with quite a few people xx

  9. Nite Owl is really pretty! great blog!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx