Saturday, 19 November 2011

Korres Lip Butter Quince & FOTD

As promised here is a little post with some of my other Korres products. After my first encounter with the Korres brand i was eager to try more from the range.

Wild Rose Foundation shade 2, Blusher in purple shade 22 & Lip butter in Quince

The blusher although named purple is a perfect warm rose shade that is nicely pigmented.

The foundation is a gorgeous light /medium coverage which evens out my skin but without being mask like. It has a slight fragrance that i noticed when i first applied it but it disapears once its on the skin. It gives a lovely natural finish and seems a perfect shade on me.
It blends really easily and feels very lightweight too. 

The Blusher is pigmented as i said before but it still looks really natural and blends like a dream. I'm keen to try more of the other shades in this. A pretty pink colour that gives a natural flush to the cheeks.

The lip butter has been talked about by so many people but i'd never got round to trying it before now but it is beautiful on the lips. It feels silky smooth and the raspberry colour is flattering as although its bright its very sheer as well. Packed full of lovely ingredients like Shea butter (my fave) and rice wax it leaves lips soft and nourished.

Lip Butter in Quince

Have you tried any of the lip butters and do you like the look of these products?


  1. You look lovely hun, very pretty! :)
    I keep wanting to try the lip butters but haven't got around to it - this post may have given me the nudge I needed, haha xo

  2. i think the color is almost the same as plum, or is it just the photo? But, it looks good on you :)


  3. Dont have the purple one,but I swear on the peach blush.Korres has gorgeous products.I heart!!But the foundation is a bit yellow undertone for me.
    Kisses honey


  4. The blush is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! ^_^

  5. this is such a pretty look! very girly yet simple! I love it!

  6. Thanks girls,
    Raech, i dont have the plum so i have no idea if its very similar sorry xx

    Blushingloves the foundation does have yellow undertones but luckily for me it matches my skin well but if someone had more pink in their skin i can see it might not work as well, i know you are a big korres fan too xx

  7. I really want to try some of this brand! I've heard so much about the lip butter didn't know they made make up. Would the foundation be good for oily skin?

  8. Hi there, to be honest I would of thought the foundation was aimed at normal to dry skins just because it gives a glow to the skin and some people with oily skin prefer something to mattify.
    Saying that though, my skin is pretty oily and I love it. It depends what type of finish you like xx

  9. Thanks :D I think i'll try one of the powders instead :D

  10. The pinks look so pretty on you. I love Korres Lip Butters as I'm allergic to quite a lot of lipstick/lip balms and these I never have a problem with. The Quince shade is my favourite too. x

  11. I have never been disapointed by Korres, almost every product is a HG for me and a staple!

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  13. that lip colour is quite pretty....


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx