Thursday, 6 February 2014

BFF's Bloggers, Followers & Friends!

Hello out there to the gorgeous girlies that are still following. I haven't been around for so long here but this is where i started and this is where i want to return. I have decided to start blogging again but this time I'm hoping that a few of my fellow bloggers will join me here at Nicolettas Beauty space to add some of their own reviews on the Marshmallow Blends products and any other bits and bobs that they think my readers might find interesting.

I have to say this massive break from blogging has done me good. I feel refreshed and ready to see whats out there again and as I'm turning 39 very soon i think it will be interesting to be blogging when i hit the big 40.

Ive missed you lovely ladies and i will be catching up on your blogs very soon so look out for my comments. If you have purchased any Marshmallow Blends products and would like to be a guest reviewer then please let me know id love to hear from you. 

I cant say its not a little bit intimidating to be returning after such a long break but I'm looking forward to being back and finding some new fantastic products along the way. Please feel free to comment id love to see some familiar faces and if we haven't met on line then say hi and i will pop over to your blog too.



  1. It would be great to have you blogging again :) It's nice to have a wider age range who are blogging as it seems very teenage orientated at times.

  2. Hello again, glad to see you are still blogging. Thanks for the warm welcome back. I guess being older has its advantages as well as its negatives. im coming over to your blog later to catch up xx

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  4. Oh great to see you back I took a really long break too I had a baby but lI'm back and oving it again now :) x

    Catherines Loves

  5. Hi Catherine, good to see you. Aw i didnt know you had a baby :) thats wonderful. Im not surprised you needed to take a break though xx

  6. I'm still here! Good that you're coming back :) xx

  7. Hi Jemma, thanks for commenting. Im glad you are still blogging too i remember when you first started xx

  8. Glad that you're coming back, look forward to your future posts :)

  9. Thankyou Ess-jay24. Another friendly face :) its lovely to be back xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx