Tuesday, 11 February 2014

GOSH BOOMBASTIC Mascara Volume XXL Review

I'm always on the look out for a great mascara. I am not a mascara snob by any means, i would be just as happy using a £2.99 cheap one as i would using a high end brand. Saying that though i am Very Very fussy. The reasoning of my overly fussy nature when it comes to mascara is the fact that my own lashes are pity full so therefore i need a mascara that is a miracle worker. Not only are my lashes very short but they are fine too. The latest mascara i purchased was this Boombastic XXL from GOSH. Priced at £8.49 available from Superdrug.

 The brush on this Mascara is huge. The brush can literally cover the full width of my eye with one stroke which is a bonus if you are short on time. The bristles are firm and close together and the shape is straight rather than curved like a lot of mascaras. The Colour is deep black and i found it easy to apply.

2 Coats of Mascara on Top & Bottom Lashes

Pros: Its great for fast thick lashes. It builds up almost instantly and if you had long lashes I'm sure it would look stunning.
Great Colour. No chalkiness just Jet Black lashes.
Lasts really well and is easily removed
No Smudging.

Cons: Can become clumpy if you use more than 2 coats (Not that you need to)

All in all I'm happy with this mascara and for the price i am impressed. It is a lot better than some of  the higher end mascaras that Ive tried out. Its not the best mascara for me personally but if you have normal lashes that are just not particularly thick or dark then id definitely recommend giving this one a shot.

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