Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Alterna Bamboo 48hr Sustainable Volume Spray

It cant be denied that the Big hair look has and probably will forever be one of the biggest trends in hair throughout the UK and elsewhere for that matter. After all thick volumous hair has always been a sign of youth and wellness but in my eyes i always think the bigger the hair looks the slimmer the face looks and for a round moon face like mine its a no brainer.

Now i wasn't blessed with luscious thick hair unfortunately Ive always had fine hair but lots of it but with many years of colour and straightening and general wear and tear and of course ageing Ive found that my hair feels quite thin and flat a lot of the time.

I am constantly searching for volumising products and am considering extensions as i mentioned in an earlier post as i am envious when i see someone with gorgeous thick hair but hey ho i have to work with what i have and so when i was offered the chance to try the Alterna Bamboo 48hr Sustainable Volume spray i jumped at the chance.
      Alterna Bamboo 48hr Sustainable Volume spray 

The product itself is free of Parabens and other nasties which is a pleasant change and with the promise of increasing volume by 105% i was very excited to try it out. 
Reading through all the ingredients i can promise you there is a lot of brilliant stuff in this which again gave me high hopes. Bamboo Extracts and Maca Root to help with the body building and strengthening aspects.
The product is priced at £24 for 125ml so its not the cheapest of products but in this case id say you definately get what you pay for.

How did it Rate?

I'm really impressed by the product. I sprayed about 8 pumps throughout my hair and blasted with the hair dryer. The photo shows my hair immediately after drying. It gave me more volume it also left my hair feeling a lot thicker but the 3 main things that i love about this product are:

1. The fact this product didn't leave my hair sticky like 95% of thickening products do. You can still run your hands through your hair and it feels lovely and soft which is a HUGE bonus.

2. The Volume lasted all day long. Ive tried products that give great results and big hair but it usually lasts a few hrs on my fine hair so again this was a brilliant result for me.

3. If i wanted my hair bigger than this all i did was gently tease with a thin comb at the roots and it held in place for hours. No rough backcombing needed as the product seemed to hold the gentle teasing in place which for my type of hair is really the only way its going to give huge volume.

I can honestly say i will be using this product a lot in the future. Have you tried this yet and do you love Big hair like me?

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