Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Keeping it natural Part 1 Korres

As we get older i think it gets harder and harder to find the right base that looks natural. Saying that i think at any age its really hard to find a great natural looking base. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be showing you some of my favourite tinted moisturisers, BB creams , light foundations that i can recommend as an everyday natural looking skin base.

The first product and the one i have been wearing the most lately is the Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturiser SPF30

Stockist RRP£19

One of the things i like about a tinted moisturiser is the way they are quite forgiving when picking the correct shade. Its always difficult to tell from a computer monitor what shade you will end up with so i opted for 02 honey which worked perfectly with my skin colouring. The formula is oil free so good if you have an oil intolerant skin type or a more oily prone skin. The bonus of the SPF 30 is really appealing too as i do like the thought of having some protection on my skin on days i wear a moisturiser that doesnt contain a filter.

I like to apply this product with my fingers on freshly moisturised skin. Ive tried it without a moisturiser and it just didn't work for me that way but applied straight onto moisturised skin and it leaves my skin looking so much more even and reduces shine but lets my natural skin show through. 
Perfect for everyday wear and i have also been using this when i go to the gym as i wont go bare faced and this seems to hold up through a workout quite well without me feeling like I'm wearing a full face of makeup. You can still see my freckles and if you have dark circles (Like me) you will need to add a little concealer.

Pros: Lightweight, long wearing, oil free, non comedogenic, silicone free, easy to blend, suits most skin types, easy to match skin tone.
Cons: There are no real cons to this product for me. Its a great base product that i will no doubt keep in my collection for a long time. Have you tried the Korres tinted moisturiser and do you think less is more as we get older?


  1. ah I actually got this in my stash my pull it out again I love this for the summer as its so light and it smells so yummy as I'm growing older I seem to be going for less than i use to xx

  2. I love Korres so much and this would be perfect for summer, I've tired all its foundation except this Tinted moisturiser..the time has come!You look gorgeous! ♥♥♥

  3. Thanks so much girls. Irene you should try this i remember you are a big Korres fan too xx


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