Thursday, 26 July 2012

Soap Porn!

I have become a soap addict, from someone who only used shower gel or cream i have totally converted to soap. Its funny how learning about a product and seeing what goes into it can change your view and give it a second chance. I'm so pleased i did.

Fragranced with layers of ripe raspberries, Belgium chocolate & creamy vanilla mmmm.

A refreshing uplifting fragrance with added poppy seeds for exfoliation, the perfect summery soap

All my Cold process soaps are made with Coconut oil & Castor for lots of bubbles, Palm & Shea for a creamy skin loving bar, lots of Olive oil and Sweet almond oil. I also add clay and silk to some bars for a touch of luxury. 

Once the soaps are make they need to cure. When they are left to cure they become harder (Longer lasting) and they become better over time like a good wine lol. I leave my bars for around 5/6 weeks which ensures they are bubbly, gentle and ready to use immediately when you receive them.

On the Curing Rack

Brown Sugar & Vanilla

 A delicious warming creamy fragrance with added silk. Buttery and smooth.

 White Chocolate & Raspberry

Creamy white chocolate with a hint of fresh raspberries. Cut into slices and finished with a sprinkling of pink glitter. I made this just 2 days ago so will be ready at the beginning of September.

I think one of the things i like about hand made soap is the fact that you can buy a little bit of something special that nobody else has because each bar is slightly different. 

Do you have a favourite soap or a favourite soaper?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Where has the time gone?

 Feeling a little bit strange as a new chapter is beginning. It seems like only a short time ago when Rocco was born and yet come September he starts full time school. He will look so little in his uniform :)

Then Lynden my eldest starts Secondary school at the same time. Its a happy but sad feeling as I'm watching them grow up, seeing there personalities develop. I'm proud, happy if I'm honest to get a little me time back and also sad that my baby days have slipped by as well.

Some of my favourite pics of my boys. Love them so much

 Hopefully i will soon have time to start updating here a bit more often come September. Ive been busy as usual but i haven't forgotten you all xxx